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Fellowship Grant Submission Navigation for Graduate Students

The NIH F31 fellowship mechanism is a flagship opportunity for PhD students in the health sciences that provides external funding to cover stipend, tuition, fees, and health insurance and offers professional experience, prestige, and development of scientific identity.

Most PhD students have never prepared a formal grant application, let alone, a multifaceted NIH F31 grant application. These are burdensome applications, with difficult to navigate instructions, timelines, and application submission procedures. The Health Sciences Fellowship Workshop (HSFW) was created to guide PhD students in their application preparation. This workshop is not intended to be a grant writing course focused on articulating a scientific idea, but rather a workshop to help guide students toward a specific submission deadline.

The Health Sciences Fellowship Workshop sessions are two hours, once a week, for ten weeks and will provide PhD students with:

  • A productive writing environment

  • Access to experienced pre-award administrators

  • Resources such as peer review, document templates, and examples of previously funded fellowships so they may write and submit a strong NIH F31 application.

Workshops begin approximately 10 weeks prior to each NIH F31 deadline.

2024 Health Sciences Fellowship Workshop

Skaggs Hall, Tuesdays, 3:00-5:00PM

January 30-April 2 (April 8 deadline)

June 4-August 6 (Aug. 8 deadline)

October 1-December 3 (Dec. 8 deadline)