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Graduate Student Fellowship Incentive Program

Receive a Stipend Supplement When Your Fellowship Gets Funded

The Fellowship Incentive Program aims to increase the number and quality of fellowship grant applications submitted by graduate students in participating Colleges and Schools. Students who are awarded a competitive extramural fellowship will be eligible to receive a financial supplement to their current stipend.


$3,000 annual stipend supplement for the duration of an awarded competitive extramural fellowship (including MS3 and MS4 years for MD-PhD students).


  • Participating Colleges/Schools include: Dentistry, Health, Medicine, Nursing, and Pharmacy.
  • Student’s Ph.D. advisor must have a primary appointment in a participating College/School.
  • A student may be eligible to participate, even if they are formally enrolled in a PhD program that is administered by a unit outside of the participating Colleges/Schools.  The relevant criterion for eligibility is that the student’s advisor (the individual responsible for stipend and tuition) has a primary faculty appointment in a participating College/School. 
  • To qualify, the awarded individual fellowship must be a competitive independent award supported by an external funding agency and provide at least $18,000/year in stipend support. 
  • Institutional training grant appointments, such as from an NIH T32, do not qualify. NIH Diversity Supplement do not qualify and are not considered independent awards. 

Program details

Students must submit a copy of their scientific proposal and supporting documents to a fellowship repository that will be leveraged to help other students prepare high-quality fellowship applications.
Students who have received a notice of award for a qualifying fellowship should contact their College/School representative: