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Brand Positioning

Foundational Principle

Through in-depth qualitative research, we aligned on the following foundational principle for U of U Health:

Caring Now, Pioneering the Future.

This is a phrase that encapsulates the essence of the brand. It is built upon three pillars of truth that give it meaning: value, innovation, and expertise.

This foundational principle is for internal use only. It is not a tagline and rarely appears on outward-facing materials. Use it to guide communications. It should be the first thing your audience thinks or feels when they come in contact with U of U Health.

“Caring Now...”

The first half of the foundational principle, “caring now,” represents U of U Health’s devotion to patient care—from everyday preventive care to critical care scenarios. It reflects our endless pursuit of providing better care, more value, and the highest satisfaction possible for patients.

“Pioneering the Future.”

The second half of the foundational principle, “pioneering the future,” reflects both the University’s physical location (in a region founded by pioneers) as well as its constant progression forward. The brand is focused on improving health care—not just for the local community, but for the entire world. We advance health by integrating our research, education, and clinical missions. Here, we are constantly evaluating and optimizing our performance.

Brand Positioning

Imagine getting the best health care that science has to offer, and right down the hall some of the world’s brightest minds were working tirelessly to make it even better. Tailoring care. Making discoveries. Training for the future. Why are we here? To make your health more accessible, more affordable and more precise than ever before—even if you just need a physical.