Supply Chain

Building Strong Vendor Partnerships

University of Utah Health is dedicated to providing high quality health care at an affordable cost. To achieve this goal, we rely on strong supplier partnerships along with supplier adherence to our policies and procedures.

Becoming a University of Utah Health Vendor

Vendor Registration: IntelliCentrics (sec3ure)

U of U Health has partnered with the company IntelliCentrics as a web driven software service that aids in the credentialing and monitoring of sales/service representatives. If you have already registered with Reptrax to service another hospital system you are still required to log-in to your account and complete the specific certification for U of U Health.

If you have not already done so, please register and begin completing your profile and submitting the required compliance documentation. Successful registration and vendor approval must be completed before you will be able to enter any of our facilities. Due to our goal of 100% compliance, failure to do so will result in automatic revocation of current visitation and selling privileges.

All vendors must complete registration, have an appointment, sign in, and receive a new badge FOR EVERY VISIT in order to enter a U of U Health facility.