Past Events - 2021

Piñata and Candle Making Workshop

(Dec 14, 2021) - Thanks to all who joined us in making our own traditional Christmas piñata and/or scented candle!



Being Black in Academia

(Dec 8, 2021) - Special thanks to our Being Black in Academia Speaker, Dr. Kolawole (Kola) Okuyemi. Dr. Okuyemi is a board-certified family medicine physician who specializes in acute and chronic diseases and full-spectrum care for patients of all ages. He joined us virtually to speak about his journey to becoming a Physician-Scientist and the Chair of the Department of Family and Preventative Medicine.



Careers as PUI's Panel

(Dec 7, 2021) - Thanks to everyone who joined us for our Careers as PUI's Panel! Panelists Dr. Sam Alvey, Dr. Melissa Marks, and Dr. Bradley Hersh shared their paths to, and perspective on, teaching careers.




U of U SACNAS: Pass the Plate

(Nov 22, 2021) - Thanks to everyone who attended our Pass the Plate interactive workshop, where we learned to make Five Cup Burfi, a delicious fudge-like dessert from India! Delicious!



Día de los Muertos

(Oct 28 - Nov 3, 2021) - Thanks to all who participated in this beautiful tradition, honoring our deceased loved ones, and celebrating life. Our Día de los Muertos was filled with traditional practices such as building ofrendas (altars); making Calaveras (sugar skulls) and laying down marigolds; candles; and favorite foods next to the photos of our loved ones.


Pumpkin Painting

(Oct 28, 2021) -Thanks to all who joined us for our Painting Social. Lots of creative and beautiful designs. Looking forward to seeing you all at our next social!







2021 SACNAS Chapter of the Year Award

(Oct 20, 2021) We were thrilled to be recognized as one of the 2021 @SACNAS Chapters of the Year! Thanks to everyone who was a part of this achievement, and everyone who was able to join us for this celebration.




SACNAS Let's Talk - Interpersonal Violence

(Oct 19, 2021) - In this interactive workshop, we were able to learn about the signs of healthy and unhealthy relationships through the creation of flags. Thanks to everyone who was able to attend and help us create flags to display near the Student Union as part of the 2021 Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM).




SACNAS Talk with Dr. David Gillespie

(Oct 12, 2021) - Thanks to Dr. David Gillespie for this wonderful seminar! Dr. Gillespie shared his personal and professional journey in science.




SACNAS Welcome Back Event

(Sept 23, 2021) - Thanks to all who were able to attend our Welcome Back Event! It was so much fun to play outdoor games and enjoy great snacks together!




End of Year Party

(July 20, 2021) - Thanks to all who were able to attend our End of Year party and SACNAS member awards! It was so great to be able to see everyone in person after such a long time!


Bunsen Burner Award: Jesse Velasco
This award goes to the SACNISTA with the hottest/brightest ideas
Nucleic Acid Award: Ari Penalva
This award goes to the Indispensable SACNISTA. We could not function without you.
Statistically Significant SACNISTA Award: Cindy Barba
For any member who's consistently has shown their dedication to SACNAS through supporting our events
Dinero Award: Jeanette Ducut-Sigala
Goes to the SACNISTA who is always mentoring, finding, and sharing funding opportunities to the U of U SACNAS Community.
Most Memeable: David Grunwald
Goes to the most hilarious SACNISTA who is always making us laugh
Immunoflorence Award: Minna Roh-Johnson
Goes to the most upbeat, positive SACNISTA who radiates energy/light and makes our chapter shine
(-80) Award: TK Coody
Goes to the most chill SACNISTA always providing peer to peer support during stressful times
Resiliency Award: Zannel Blanchard & Jerry Duran
For the SACNISTA who has most inspired us to keep pushing the boundaries to achieve our academic and career goals
Flow Cytometry Award: Jordan Berg
For the SACNISTA who goes with the flow and is always down for anything


SACNAS Pass the Plate

(Apr 22, 2021) - Thanks to all who joined us for our interactive cooking workshop!



SACNAS Careers Seminar

(Mar 18, 2021) - A big thank you to Drs. Safavi and Blum, who shared journeys and experiences migrating, working, and living in the U.S. as international researchers!



Graduate Student Recruiting

Thanks to all our awesome volunteers and to the University of Utah SACNAS community at large for helping with graduate program recruiting these past few months! It was great being able to network and showcase our SACNAS community with the interviewees!


SACNAS Careers Seminar

(Feb 9, 2021) - Join us for our next SACNAS seminar to learn about research-related & research-intensive career options from Dr. Bridget Hughes & Dr. Samuel Cheshier! Check your email for Zoom details.



SACNAS Game Night Social

(Jan 27, 2021) - Thanks to all who joined us for our SACNAS game night social! We had a great turn-out and it was so great to see everyone, catch up, and enjoy some games along the way!