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Health Sciences Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Commissions' Recommendations

Here we present the findings of three commissions:

  1. the Huntsman Cancer Institute Equity Diversity and Inclusion Commission,
  2. the Health Sciences Anti-Racism Commission, and
  3. the MD program Anti-Racism Commission.

Each of these commissions were composed of a broad section of stake holders at HCI, the MD program, and health sciences. Their purpose was to define and refine recommendations for improvements in our EDI and anti-racism journey. Each of the commissions presented their recommendations to the governing bodies of HCI, health sciences, or the MD program, and the recommendations are being addressed in each sphere.

At the MD program, Rawad Farhat, MD, PhD was hired to implement their recommendations. At HCI, it was Natasha Uvuoba. The health sciences recommendations will be implemented by the Health Sciences Anti-Racism Commission. We encourage all of you to read the report.


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