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The Nuclear Control of Cell Growth and Differentiation (NC) Program aims to provide new understanding of the genetics and mechanics of cancer development. This program’s research focuses on the basic processes in the nucleus of cells that go awry in cancer and how they contribute to cancer’s development. The purpose is to identify optimal targets for translational research.

Within that broad goal, research in the NC program can be separated into three theme areas:

  • Understanding gene regulation mechanisms of importance in oncogenesis at transcriptional and post-transcriptional levels in normal and cancer cells, with focus on chromatin and epigenetics
  • Unraveling the interplay between metabolic derangements and transcription in cancer cells
  • Investigating the mechanisms that maintain genome stability and their impact on cancer

Program Membership

HCI Cancer Center members enjoy a variety of benefits, including eligibility for leadership roles in the Center, institutional funding opportunities, and scientific/administrative support.

News Highlights from the Nuclear Control Program

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Together We Care Compassionately

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Oct 16, 2018

A Bad Influence: The Interplay between Tumor Cells and Immune Cells

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Talks with Docs: Cindy Matsen, MD

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