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The Experimental Therapeutics (ET) Program’s research has a strong clinical and translational orientation, aligned along two main research themes:

  • Drug discovery and delivery
  • Clinical research

Within those themes, the program has these specific aims:

  • Providing new approaches to individualized cancer treatment such as targeted drug delivery systems, novel chemotherapeutics, improved imaging and image-guided techniques, and the most up-to-date clinical treatments via clinical trials
  • Fostering translation of discoveries between the laboratory and clinic through collaborations and scientific synergy among HCI members
  • Promoting specialized initiatives in quantitative, molecular, and pre-clinical imaging
  • Developing and executing investigator-initiated therapeutic, imaging, and imaging-guided clinical trials to establish new treatments for patients

Program Membership

HCI Cancer Center members enjoy a variety of benefits, including eligibility for leadership roles in the Center, institutional funding opportunities, and scientific/administrative support.

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Public Health Plays an Important Role in Cancer Prevention

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