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The Cell Response and Regulation (CRR) Program’s research provides new insights into basic mechanisms and cancer pathways that may have clinical applications:

  • Target identification
  • Chemoprevention
  • Drug discovery
  • Biomarker development

The CRR Program works to decipher cellular mechanisms involved in cancer in these theme areas:

  • Cell turnover, including control and dysregulation of cell division and cell death, as well as stem cell biology and its role in tumor-initiating cells
  • Aberrant signaling in cancer, including mechanisms of drug resistance
  • Mechanisms involved in metastasis, including cell motility in cancer

Program Membership

HCI Cancer Center members enjoy a variety of benefits, including eligibility for leadership roles in the Center, institutional funding opportunities, and scientific/administrative support.

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Public Health Plays an Important Role in Cancer Prevention
Aug 28, 51226

Public Health Plays an Important Role in Cancer Prevention

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The first week of April is National Public Health Week, which celebrates a growing movement to create the healthiest nation we can. The public health system prevents diseases, including cancer. Public health officials look for patterns to understand why cancer and other diseases happen, teach people about healthy decisions, and create policies that make sure we live in healthy, safe communities.... Read More

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