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The What

The VPCAT Initial Grant Submission Consultation opportunity offers both alumni and current scholars:

  1. A collaborative forum where they, their pre-award staff member, and the VPCAT Research Manager can discuss and plan for an upcoming grant submission, ideally, at least 3 months prior* to a grant deadline.
  2. A tailored, technical walkthrough of upcoming internal and external submission requirements.
  3. A focused discussion on a submission’s timeline of events, specific deadlines, and available resources that complement ongoing departmental pre-award support processes.
  4. Access to the VPCAT Grant Preparation Walkthrough resource, which is a structured file system organized to walk you through every section of your federal application with examples, templates, and training modules (scholars, for further details, watch the video overview here).

The Why

Investigators who understand and utilize an organized, team submission approach are more likely to:

  1. Engage with and understand their department’s pre-award requirements, expectations, and available support staff and resources, including the best practice of contacting staff 3 months prior to a deadline.
  2. Set reasonable writing, editing, and section preparation timelines for themselves and their team.
  3. Prepare application sections concisely and consistently to meet the agency’s broad objectives.
  4. Have decreased levels of stress throughout the submission period.
  5. Acquire and sustain trusting relationships with their pre-award staff.

The How

At least three months prior* to their grant submission deadline, a scholar must complete the following 3 steps to take advantage of the consultation opportunity:

Step 1:   Read their grant application’s instructions, funding opportunity announcement (FOA), and/or submission guidelines to better prepare themselves for discussion.

Step 2:   Complete the VPCAT Initial Grant Submission Consultation Request Form.

Step 3:   Email a request to both the VPCAT Research Manager, Ms. Erin Wachs, and their own pre-award staff member that:

  1. Includes 3-4 estimated dates/times of availability on either a Monday or Tuesday to meet for an hour in Ms. Wachs’ office.
  2. Attach your completed VPCAT Initial Grant Submission Consultation Request Form (incomplete forms could delay scheduling).
  3. Attach the latest draft of your Specific Aims page.

The Result

The outcomes of a VPCAT Initial Grant Submission Consultation are:

  1. A synergistic plan between the scholar and their pre-award staff that fits both their needs.
  2. Team access to a tailored, section-by-section grant submission Ubox folder with examples and templates.
  3. Tools and tips to support the timely submission of a grant application. 

Email Ms. Erin Wachs your questions regarding the VPCAT Initial Grant Submission Consultation Opportunity.

*Scholars requesting a consultation less than 3 months prior to their grant submission deadline must clearly designate the compressed timeframe in their email request.