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Katherine A. Anderson, MD

School of Medicine 

  • Clinical Teaching- I work with health professions trainees at various levels of training, including medical students, residents and fellows.
  • Curriculum/Course Development- I oversee the Clinical Method Curriculum aka "doctoring" program for the SOM and in the capacity I have experience in course development, implementation and assessment.

  • Faculty Development- I completed an GRECC Advanced Fellowship with a focus on education and faculty development. I helped co-develop and serve as a coach for the Early Career Coaching Program that is currently part of the Utah Coaching and Advancement Network. Additionally, I have ongoing mentoring/coaching relationships a number of faculty within the SOM helping to support their career endeavors.

Cheryl Armstrong , DNP, MS, RN

School of Nursing 

  • Online Teaching- I have several years of experience teaching online and hybrid courses in the nursing Baccalaureate and Master's Education programs.
  • Teaching Strategies- I teach a variety of courses across three nursing programs (prelicensure Baccalaureate; RN to BS, and Master's Education) teach online, in person, clinical, skills lab, and simulation. prioritize incorporating evidence based practice and industry standards in each of my courses.
  • Curriculum/ Course Development- I have significant experience with curriculum and course development in each program and course in which I teach.
  • Mentoring- I have several years of experience with mentoring prelicensure nursing students, graduate students and new faculty. 

Heather Campbell, MD 

School of Medicine 

  • Clinical Teaching- I teach medical students and residents on the inpatient service and in clinic.
  • Curriculum/Course Development- I am a course director for the core suninternship in OB/GYN and supervise and evaluate other MS4 courses in our department. I have also developed curriculum at the GME level for OB/GYN residents. 
  • Faculty Development- I have created and continue to develop an organized curriculum for faculty development with the department of OB/GYN, and have assisted with faculty development in mentoring across the health sciences. 
Sue Chase-Cantarini, RN, MS, DNP
College of Nursing
  • Curriculum/Course Development - Almost 2 decades of course development (clinical, didactic, online, hybrid and simulation) and curriculum mapping of concepts and content
  • Interprofessional Education - Have been involved in leading of IPE initiatives across health sciences for the past decade
  • Online Teaching - Have utilized best practices of online and hybrid baccalaureate courses for the past decade
Timothy W. Farrell, MD

School of Medicine

  • Clinical Teaching - I work with health professions trainees at various levels of training, including medical students, residents, and fellows, as well as physician assistant and clinical pharmacy trainees
  • Educational Scholarship/Research - I have experience in writing and reviewing for academic journals and online resources focused on geriatrics education
  • Interprofessional Education - I am actively involved in IPE initiatives at the U of Utah, including care transitions education and simulation-based training

Megan Fix, MD

School of Medicine

  • Clinical Teaching - I do bedside teaching with residents and medical students in the Emergency Department.
  • Curriculum/Course Development - I have been a course director for the MS4 Transitions to Internship Course since its inception and have found innovative ways to design curriculum that reach adult learners.
  • Faculty Development - I am involved in multiple levels of coaching for medical students and junior faculty.

Harriet Hopf, MD

School of Medicine

  • Educational Scholarship/Research -  Evaluation of the impact of educational efforts
  • Faculty Development - Making choices that align with your interests and strengths and advance your career. When to say yes vs. no vs. when to seek out a different opportunity.
  • Mentoring - How to be a good mentor and how to make best use of mentors

Ken Johnson, MD 

School of Medicine

  • Curriculum/Course Development: Lessons learned from developing & implementing OSCE, on=line and simulation-based courses at a national level for board certification/recertification in anesthesiology, CME and sedation training.
  • Faculty Development: Leveraging strengths and interests to personalize pathways to promotion in academic medicine.
  • Education Mentoring: How to create safe educational space in complex, at times harsh, clinical education environments; getting the most out of teaching moments. 

Kristi Kleinschmit, MD 

School of Medicine

  • Clinical Teaching: Have completed Clinical Teaching Certificate Course and do clinical supervision with residents and fellows.
  • Program administration: I also have years of experience as the program director for small residency and fellowship programs
  • Faculty Development: I have experience planning and delivering large group faculty development teaching sessions 
  • Mentoring: I am highly involved in mentoring resident physicians and junior faculty in career/personal development

Jennifer Macali, DNP, MSN, RN, MPH

College of Nursing 

  • Online Teaching: Use best practices of online and hybrid baccalaureate courses

  • Teaching Strategies: I teach a variety of online and in person courses. I prioritize holistic active learning practices in the classroom including, gameful learning, flipped classroom, wellness check-ins, role playing, and more. I recently started exploring critical service learning pedagogy integration for undergraduate students. 

  • Curriculum/Course Development: I have experience with course development (clinical, didactic, online, hybrid and simulation) and curriculum mapping of concepts and content

Linda Tyler, PharmD 
College of Pharmacy
  • Assessment, Feedback and Evaluation - I serve as Residency Program Director for our Health System Pharmacy Administration Residency program which as part of developing residents means we place heavy emphasis on methods on this with our residents and preceptors
  • Educational Leadership/Administration - I serve as Associate Dean for Pharmacy Practice and am responsible for how we develop practice sites for faculty practice that serve as great sites for our students and residents
  • Teaching Strategies - I taught the drug information, literature evaluation, and statistic course for many years and have worked with various teaching strategies, especially developing writing skills








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