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The Mentoring Consultation Program is designed to provide education-focused mentoring for Academy Trainees, Members, and Fellows. Mentees have the opportunity to receive guidance on how to enhance their teaching and educational scholarship. Mentors benefit from sharing their expertise and collaborating with a variety of people in the Health Sciences community.

  1. Foster interprofessional collaboration with a focus on educational mentorship
  2. Provide mentorship to support academy membership (trainees, members and fellows) around educational scholarship, teaching and administration.

Program Features

Academy Mentors have self-identified areas of education expertise on their website profile. Mentees must submit a Mentor Request Form and are responsible for setting up an initial meeting once they are paired with a mentor. During the first meeting, either the mentor will agree to directly help the mentee in a particular area and/or identify other contacts and resources to point them in the right direction.

Consultation Models

  1. Short-Term Consultative Approach in which mentees identify educational needs that may require a few meetings/consultations
  2. Long-Term Consultative Approach is more longitudinal and can extend from the short term approach

Flexible Time

There is no minimum time commitment required for the mentor or mentee; it is worked out between the mentor and mentee based on need and availability. Some mentees and mentors may only meet one time, while others may find that they work together over a longer period.

Mentor and Mentee Requirements and Roles

MENTOR (Must be an Academy Fellow)


- Once contacted by a mentee, meet to determine the mentee’s specific needs

- During the initial meeting, help the mentee develop specific goals and determine who and/or what would be helpful for the mentee to reach his/her goals

- Help create an action plan and timeline for the mentee

- If a mentor no longer wishes to participate in the program, contact the Committee Chair so that your profile can be removed from the website  

MENTEE (Must be an Academy Trainee, Member, or Fellow)


- Choose a mentor or education category from the website and complete the Mentor Request Form

- You will be connected to a mentor

- Setup your initial meeting and come with goals for what you would like accomplished

- Take initiative for your development and opportunities


Contact Us

Allie Groves 
Program Manager

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