The Utah Diabetes and Metabolism Research Center sponsors several programs aimed at increasing the research competitiveness of UDMRC faculty investigators. 

Extramural Funding Opportunities: PIVOT

The UDMRC uses Pivot as a powerful tool to match faculty with financial partners and research collaborators.  See a list of funding opportunities here.

If you are new to Pivot, create an account here.  

For more information about federal or foundation grants, please contact Bridget Hughes or Sara Salmon.


Pilot & Feasibility Grant Program

The UDMRC hosts a yearly seed grant program designed to foster collaboration and develop new hypotheses and preliminary data that will allow competitive applications for extramural funding.

Since 2017, seed grant funding was made possible through Driving Out Diabetes, a Larry H. Miller Family Wellness Initiative. To learn more about this initiative, please see the Driving Out Diabetes website.

Metabolomics Core Support Program

The goal of the Metabolism Core Support Program is to provide financial support for University of Utah faculty to either:

  • develop new methodology in metabolism that will be used by the broader UDMRC research community or
  • to encourage new research explorations into metabolism that otherwise would not be possible without UDMRC support.

Find information on how to apply here.


Extramural Grant Review Program

The Utah Diabetes and Metabolism Research Center recognizes the value of NIH-style peer review feedback of grant applications before submission.

We are piloting a program for external peer review of grant applications extramural multi-year grants totaling >$500K that focus on diabetes, obesity, or metabolism.

Find information on how to apply here.


Grant Submission Project Management

For UDMRC investigators considering a large multi-PI grant submission to a federal agency, staff of the SVPHS Research Unit can help facilitate grant submissions.

Services include:

  • setting and sticking to timelines
  • scheduling team meetings
  • budget preparation
  • writing administrative grant sections
  • collecting and editing biosketches
  • revising/editing/synergizing grant documents
  • and other services as needed.




Scott Summers, PhD
Distinguished Professor and Chair,
Nutrition and Integrated Physiology

Jared Rutter, PhD
Distinguished Professor of Biochemistry
Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Angela Fagerlin, PhD
Professor and Chair, Population Health Sciences

Contact Us

Bridget Hughes, PhD
Director, Research Program Development
Senior Vice President of Health Sciences, Research Unit
Phone: 801-585-9304
Email: bridget.hughes@hsc.utah.edu

Sara Salmon, MA
Programs Manager
Senior Vice President of Health Sciences, Research Unit

Phone: 801-839-5414
Email: sara.salmon@hsc.utah.edu