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Metabolism Interest Group

Researchers in the Metabolism Interest Group are examining how abnormalities in carbohydrate, lipid, and protein utilization alter the progression of disease. MIG examine metabolic mechanisms, and include basic, translational, and clinical scientists. MIG now spans 17 departments and four colleges and includes an active and collaborative group of scientists studying diabetes and its comorbidities (e.g., heart failure, vascular dysfunction, diabetic kidney disease, steatohepatitis, and certain forms of diabetes-related cancer).

Health Behaviors Interest Group

Researchers in the Health Behaviors Interest Group are investigating how to modify behaviors to restore metabolic balance and alleviate and prevent disease. The HBIG research enterprise includes health behavior interventions, communication and decision making, mechanisms of health behavior change, community-engaged research, population health, health information technologies, and implementation science. The research community has grown rapidly and now includes HBIG investigators across ten departments and four colleges.