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The recruitment, retention, promotion, and mentoring (RRPM) section of the Women Faculty Committee dedicates itself to recruiting, retaining, and promoting women faculty in the health sciences at the University of Utah.

We are particularly interested in recruiting people from different geographies, cultures, faith traditions, physical abilities and genders. We are working toward achieving gender and salary equality for faculty, as well as developing a mentoring plan for women faculty.

We are also interested in acquiring and coordinating tools to assist women faculty to meet their professional goals.

Leadership Resources

Find mentoring information from ADVANCE for the Advancement of Women in Academic Science and Engineering Careers.

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute offers resources for women and faculty members from different cultural backgrounds. Watch Making the Right Moves: A Practical Guide to Scientific Management for Postdocs and New Faculty.

Leadership Development Opportunities

The American Association of Medical Colleges has Women Liaison Officers (WLO) to improve access to opportunities for women faculty. Our WLO is Mary Murray, MD, in the department of pediatrics.

There are opportunities for faculty in early and mid-career to attend meetings at the AAMC. Visit the AAMC’s Women in Medicine and Science website for more information.

Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine

The Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine (ELAM) program had its first class in 1995–1996. Since then it has numerous fellows who are assuming positions of leadership at universities.

The University of Utah has had several fellows:

Carrie Byington, MD2007–2008

Joyce Mitchell, PhD2006–2007

Mary Beckerle, MD2005–2006

Mary Murray, MD2004–2005

Barbara Graves, MD2002–2003

Elizabeth Allen, MD2001–2002

Cheryl Coffin, MD2000-2001

Victoria Judd, MD2000–2001

Kathleen Digre, MD1999–2000

Catherine DeVries, MD1998–1999

Presidential Commission on the Status of Women

In 1995 President Arthur K. Smith established the Presidential Commission on the Status of Women, which reflects the University of Utah's ongoing commitment to women faculty, staff, and students.

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