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Graduate Certificate in Women’s Health

Integrating a Women's Health focus Into Provider Curricula Across Disciplines

The Graduate Certificate in Women's health is a 15-credit program of study designed to equip students with an interdisciplinary perspective on women's health and well-being.

The purpose is to provide students with an overview of key issues in the field of women’s health.

Students will develop conceptual skills to evaluate how social, cultural, and policy issues impact (and are impacted by) women’s health issues.

Required & Elective Courses

The Issues in Women’s Health course is the key required course for the certificate.

The courses below have been pre-approved for elective credit. Complete one of the courses for each of the three domains in the women's health:

  • DOMAIN I. Individual Experiences of Disease, Wellness, Maturation, and Growth.
  • DOMAIN II. Women’s Roles, Responsibilities, Behaviors, and Beliefs. DOMAIN III. Economics, Politics, and Women’s Health.

Practicum may be a 5th course elective.

The final course must be approved by your advisor.

Curricula Database 

The Professional Education Committee of the Center of Excellence in Women's Health is cataloging and developing a database of the curriculum resources dedicated to women's health at the University of Utah.

These resources include Health Sciences curricula in:

  • Women's health,
  • trainings,
  • continuing education courses,
  • workshops,
  • fellowships,
  • and activities.

The database will be created to identify successful strategies in curricula.

The ultimate goal will be to develop a standard women's health assessment tool to improve and coordinate education in women's health issues for University of Utah Health and the University of Utah.

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