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Research Training & Career Development Committee (RTRAC)

Fostering an Exceptional Training Environment

The Research Training and Career Development Committee (RTRAC) was established to advise the School of Medicine Vice Dean for Research on matters related to Graduate Student and Postdoctoral fellow success in the health sciences. Our vision is to foster an exceptional training environment rooted in evidence-based practices and a holistic approach that equips our trainees with the tools to tackle the biomedical challenges of tomorrow and the skills to identify and secure personally fulfilling careers in science.

Our Mission

Create Successful Research Training Programs that:

  • Provide the highest quality education

  • Improve the lives of trainees

  • Provide an invaluable research workforce

  • Ensure the continuation of medical advances

  • Help to create a diverse community

  • Garner national recognition

  • Establish a lasting legacy

These goals require the commitment of many dedicated individuals working within the context of strong institutional programs. It is therefore critical that we provide effective research training, mentoring and professional development for Graduate PhD Students and Postdocotral Fellows to ensure their future success.