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Health Professions Academy

Designed as a pathway for 6th through 12th grade students, Health Professions Academy (HPA) is committed to providing high-quality health professional education to a broad student base interested in health professions.

HPA students have the unique opportunity to apply for concurrent enrollment with the University of Utah. Credit fees are covered by the Office for Health Sciences Workforce Excellence, allowing every student to earn college credit.

Currently, East High School and West High School are designated magnet schools for the Health Professions Academy, facilitated by Debbie Gorder and Garth McFarland respectively. Questions about the program may be directed to:

Loretta Müller, Community Engagement Manager

Interested in learning about the history of the Health Professions Academy? You can explore the J. Willard Marriott Digital Library to get archived insights and details about the program!

Health Professions Academy students touring the Athletic Training facilities


Over a semester, students are driven to the University of Utah Health campus and attend approximately 24 presentations from various health sciences departments. Presentations are curated via a circulated sign-up list among health professionals across the U, encouraging them to present their specialties to HPA students.

Recent presentations have included: