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Reporting Cancer Cases to the Utah Cancer Registry

Cancer is designated as a reportable disease in the state of Utah (Cancer Reporting Rule, R384-100).

Non-hospital providers who diagnose and/or treat reportable conditions should report each case to the Utah Cancer Registry. It is required to report cancer cases electronically. We will work with each provider group to determine the best reporting mechanism. Contact us at, or telephone 801-581-8407.

When we receive information about a case from a pathology report or death certificate, we often contact the listed physician to request additional information.  

What to report

Providers must report all reportable cancers that they diagnose or treat. Detailed information about which conditions are reportable is available on the reportable conditions page. Reports can be selected using reportable ICD-10-CM codes or cancer-related procedure codes.  Each report should include the following data items:

    1. Provider information
      • Clinic name and primary provider’s name (first and last)
    2. Patient’s demographic information
      • Name (first, middle, last), date of birth, social security number (if available), sex, race, ethnicity, vital status, address, and phone number
    3. Tumor characteristics
      • Primary site, histologic type, date of diagnosis, cancer type specific information
    4. Treatment known to be administered to the patient
      • Treatment type, specific treatment, date of treatment, name of referred provider

How to Report Cancer Cases

Cases must be submitted electronically. We will work with you to determine the best submission method for your clinic. If you do not currently submit cancer cases to us or would like to discuss if another submission method would work better, please contact us at, or 801-581-8407.

If you submit cases individually, the button below will take you to the form:

See this document for FAQs regarding cancer reporting.

Contact Us

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