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 The 3i Initiative hosts an annual spring symposium in late April or early May. This all-day event is for all 3i community members (faculty, trainees, and staff) and typically includes external keynote speakers, internal speakers, and a poster session. You can find details about our upcoming and past symposiums below. 


Please join us for our 3i Initiative Spring 2024 Symposium on Friday, April 19 from 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM, in the Cleone Peterson Eccles Alumni House (155 S. Central Campus Drive). Please note registration closed on Friday, April 12. While on-site registration is available at the event, please note lunch is not guaranteed for on-site registrations.

Download a full agenda here and share with interested parties.

Please note we have placed a parking moratorium in the lot directly north of the Alumni House. This parking moratorium allows you all to park in the agreed upon lot without a permit, but it does not guarantee parking will be available at all hours throughout the day. Parking along red curbs, fire hydrants, maintenance stalls, permanent reserved stalls, no parking areas, crosswalks, driveways, and in front of dumpster's in prohibited 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These areas will still be enforced during this moratorium. 

View the parking map here. Once all spots are full, your other option is to pay for parking at the Union Ballroom lot, marked here as 'paid visitor parking'. No reimbursements will be given for parking.