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The 3i Initiative hosts a monthly seminar series on Fridays from 12:15-1:15 pm in HSEB 2600. The series has the following tracks: 

  • 1st Friday: 3i Initiative sponsored Friday (3i).  This series has sponsors from various 3i departments and features a wide range of topics and speakers. 
  • 2nd Friday: Is the Microbial Pathogenesis Seminar Series (MPSS). This series is organized by the Microbial Pathogenesis Training Grant. 
  • 3rd Friday: Will focus on Microbiology and Immunology speakers (M&I). This series is sponsored by the M&I Division of Pathology.
  • 4th Friday: Will feature faculty candidates, industry scientists or UofU researchers. 

All members of the 3i community are invited as well as other interested faculty, staff, and trainees. This series runs September through May.