Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use the services of BMP?

University of Utah faculty, including Huntsman Cancer Institute investigators. BMP is not allowed to send biological samples to outside investigators, unless they are collaborators of HCI PIs. This may require an MTA from the University TVC office.

Outside investigators who are participants in the ORIEN network will have access to BMP biospecimens, upon approval by the Total Cancer Care team.

How do I request samples from BMP?

Please reach out to with your request form and we’ll get back to you with any questions and an estimated timeline for dispersal of samples. Please note that you will be required to have a current project registration with BMP, and DOT approval may be required for release of samples. 

I’m not certain what I need, how do I do a query of the BMP inventory?

You can run a simple query of the itBioPath application yourself or obtain assistance from RISR for a more involved query.

How do I get samples to Research Histology for slides and stains?

BMP can transfer blocks to Research Histology, or arrange for access to clinical blocks, when appropriate samples are determined. Please note that an account must be set up with ARUP for all Histology charges, separate from BMP charges. Lindsey Fairbourn ( can provide additional information.

I need DNA/RNA isolated from samples, how do I do that? How will I get QC for nucleic acid preps?

BMP can transfer blood or tissue samples directly to CCTS for routine DNA isolation, or the BMP Molecular Diagnostics group can prepare high-quality DNA/RNA via the Qiagen AllPrep DNA/RNA/miRNA Universal kit. Quantitation and quality reports are generated via Nanodrop, Qubit, and TapeStation.

How do I find a Pathologist?

The BMP Shared Resource requires that researchers collaborate with a pathologist to confirm the identity and diagnosis of biospecimens. In addition, pathologists can assist with identifying the best specimen for molecular analysis. Please visit the ARUP Anatomic Pathology Experts page to find a pathologist who specializes in your research area.

How do I arrange QC by a pathologist to ascertain % tumor/normal in a sample?

You must have a collaborative arrangement established with a pathologist as part of your project registration with BMP. BMP or the BMP Medical Director, Eric Snyder (, can help with this, if needed. Once an agreement is in place, BMP can transfer slides to the pathologist for QC review. BMP can help with interpretation once the QC evaluation is completed.

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