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Investigators using HCI Biorepository services are charged a nominal fee to partially cover operational and personnel costs to procure, process, store, and distribute biospecimens for cancer research. Fees are determined on a project-by-project basis.

Blood Request

Blood Request Bill Code Biorepository Fee
Blood and Body Fluid Project Registration
(Annual Fee per Project)
PR $30.00
Blood Draw (includes consent) BD $12.00
Blood (whole) BLD $6.00
Blood Panel (Whole Blood + PL1 + BUF) BLDP $11.00
Buccal Cells BUC $7.00
Buffy Coat, Unficolled Viable BUF $11.00
Cell Lines-Transformed
(CTRC Fee)  
CL $100/subject
Cell Lines-Regrowth
(CTRC Fee)
CLR $50/subject
Cerebralspinal Fluid CSF $9.25
CTRC DNA (CTRC Fee-$15/Subject + HCI
Protocol + HF)
DNA $20 + $4.25
CTRC Handling Fee
(CTRC Transfers for DNA and Cell Lines)
CHF $4.75
Consent Management CM $6.00
Consent Patient CP $12.00
Disbursement by Batch DISB $10.00
Disbursement by Event DIS $10.00
dsDNA Quantification by PicogreenĀ® PICO $4.00
Mononuclear Cells (MNC) -CPT/Ficoll, Viable CEL $28.25
Nails NLS $6.00
Paxgene RNA PAXR $8.25
Plasma, Single Spin PL1 $9.00
Plasma, Double Spin PL2 $10.00
Saliva, Oragene SAL $12.25
Serum SER $9.50
Stool STL $6.00
Storage, Batch STO $10.00
Urine URN $6.00

Tissue Request

  Bill Code Biorepository Fee
Tissue Project Registration (Annual Fee per
PR $30.00
Consent Management CM $6.00
Disbursement by Event DIS $10.00
Histology Handling Fee HF Hourly Rate
Site to Biorepository TIER 1 $9.00
OR to Path to Biorepository TIER 2 $27.00
Focused Tissue Collection TIER 3 $42.50
Tissue Partial Collection (Quantity Not
TISSQ $21.50
Tissue Partial Collection (Coordination +
Consent Only)
TISS0 $10.50
itBioPath Searches and Reports SR Hourly Rate
Shipping SHP Courier Defines
Hourly Rate = $12.00

Contact Us

BMP Shared Resource Director
Chris Fillmore, PhD

Biorepository Director
Chris Fillmore, PhD

Molecular Diagnostics Director
Nieca Bronson, MS, MLS, ASCP(CM)

Research Histology Director
Meisha Loveless, HT (ASCP) CM


HCI Senior Director Oversight
Alana Welm, PhD

Medical Director
Eric Snyder, MD, PhD

Faculty Advisory Committee Members
Dan Albertson, MD
Nicola Camp, PhD
Howard Colman, MD, PhD
Randy Jensen, MD, PhD
Manish Kohli, MD
Charles Murtaugh, PhD
Douglas Sborov, MD, MS