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The Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory utilizes a web-based ordering system named GNomEx, which serves as a laboratory information management system and data repository. Both University of Utah and external customers need to submit a work authorization by launching GNomEx and clicking on the sign up for an account link. Once the work authorization is complete, university faculty, staff, and students, use their University of Utah user id (uNID) and password to login to GNomEx.

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Sample Labeling and Drop Off

After a request is made through GNomEx, please label each tube or plate with the experiment request number (for example, S101R) and the sample name. Please print the conformation page and bring your samples to the Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory located at Huntsman Cancer Institute, room 3350. Place the samples on the bottom shelf of - 80 °C Freezer (right side after entering the laboratory) and place the printed conformation page in the folder on the front of the freezer.

Human Specimen Policy

The Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory requires a copy of the approved IRB protocol and a signed patient consent if utilizing non-exempted identifiable human specimens. If you do not have an approved IRB protocol, the Biorepository can perform a query for patient specimens consented on HCI’s general tissue collection IRB Protocol (IRB# 10924 Molecular Classification of Cancer).

Research Prioritization Policy

Requests will be processed in the order they were received.

GNomEx Documentation

GNomEx was developed by the HCI Research Informatics Shared Resource. For information regarding how to submit experiments, documentation, and support, please visit the GNomEx Documentation Site.

Contact Us

BMP Shared Resource Director
Chris Fillmore, PhD

Biorepository Director
Chris Fillmore, PhD

Molecular Diagnostics Director
Nieca Bronson, MS, MLS, ASCP(CM)

Research Histology Director
Meisha Loveless, HT (ASCP) CM


HCI Senior Director Oversight
Alana Welm, PhD

Medical Director
Eric Snyder, MD, PhD

Faculty Advisory Committee Members
Dan Albertson, MD
Nicola Camp, PhD
Howard Colman, MD, PhD
Randy Jensen, MD, PhD
Manish Kohli, MD
Charles Murtaugh, PhD
Douglas Sborov, MD, MS