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The Molecular Diagnostics Section of the BMP Shared Resource offers automated and fully documented tissue dissection from formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue on the Roche AVENIO Millisect System, facilitating precise and consistent recovery of pathologist-guided regions. Benefits of this system include optimizing tumor yield and minimizing contamination, all while ensuring efficient, consistent and traceable sample acquisition.

Roche AVENIO Millisect System

The instrument software allows multiple Areas of Interest (AOIs) to be defined on a single reference slide and alignment of up to four serial slides to this reference slide.

Precise milling displaces tissue AOIs as small as 250 μm using a rotating action. Milling tips are available in small (250 μm), medium (550 μm) and large (800 μm) sizes, depending on the size of the AOIs.

The automated hands-free recovery process is very gentle and minimizes the possibility of contaminating or mixing up samples. Use of capillary action to remove the tissue from the slide eliminates the risk of sample degradation from burning, found in some lased based dissection systems.

An electronic report file, including pre-and post-dissection images, annotations and other notes, is generated for each sample and provided to investigators for their records.

Learn more about AVENIO Millisect.

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