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GMaP Grant

Building on our commitment to reduce cancer health disparities in the Mountain West, Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) has received funding to aid in the development of researchers who specialize in cancer health disparities. The grant is from the Geographical Management of Cancer Health Disparities (GMaP) program at the National Cancer Institute (NCI).

The GMaP grant supports researchers in the following ways:

  • Virtual engagement and mentorship
  • Interactive distance education and mentoring approaches
  • Traditional face-to-face mentorship and support

GMaP Objectives

These are the objectives of GMaP:

  • Advance the science of cancer health disparities research
  • Promote the development of the next generation of underrepresented cancer and cancer health disparities researchers
  • Contribute to measurable reductions in cancer health disparities in this region

In support of the above objectives, GMaP Region 6 has awarded more than $84,000 in travel funds and $325,000 in pilot funds, and we have matched more than 20 trainees to mentors since 2015.

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Emily Kay

Regional Coordinating Director, GMaP Region 6