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Funding Opportunities for Postdoctoral Fellows

Why Apply?

Individual postdoctoral fellowships provide individual research training opportunities to domestic and international students. There are considerable benefits to applying for fellowships, including:

  • Experience: The process of applying for a fellowship develops grant writing skills and familiarity with the grant submission process.
  • Prestige: Competing against a national pool of candidates and receiving an individual fellowship from an external source can make a trainee more competitive for future funding or awards.
  • Financial Benefits: Many awards come with funds to support travel and other educational related expenses (computer, tablet, books, etc.).
  • Benefit to Mentor: Individual fellowships free up funds for the lab's research and other personnel.

Foundations and organizations also support individual postdoctoral fellowships for both domestic and international fellows. These opportunities are often tied to particular research areas, support students at a certain thesis stage, or have specific eligibility criteria.

Internal Funding in the Health Sciences