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What does Huntsman Cancer Institute have to offer?

Collaboration is in the DNA of Huntsman Cancer Institute. We know that fostering interdisciplinary connections can create a sum that is far greater than its parts. Working together in a rich clinical environment creates extraordinary opportunities for discovery.

Strong Community & Mentorship

Huntsman Cancer Institute hosts a vibrant postdoctoral trainee community. There are many initiatives, opportunities, and resources available to postdocs. The bedrock of the community is provided by the Huntsman Alliance for Postdocs, which connects trainees to the broader University of Utah and beyond.

Adventurous Living

In Utah you can truly have it all! Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas offer diverse neighborhoods, great schools, arts and entertainment, and endless possibilities for sports and recreation. A strong economy and low cost of living make Utah a perfect choice to call home.

Securing Postdoctoral Fellowship at Huntsman Cancer Institute

Postdoctoral training fellowships are made available in the labs of individual cancer center mentors.

Prospective postdoctoral fellows are encouraged to contact faculty directly regarding available opportunities. Search for faculty in our Cancer Center Research Programs or in the Cancer Investigator Directory.