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Cancer Center members contribute to the mission of the Center via their participation in research, including laboratory, clinical, and population-based efforts.

Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) has four cancer research programs:

The four programs drive progress at our National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center by:

  • Providing a forum to highlight important new developments and opportunities in cancer research
  • Supporting creative project development and new collaborative initiatives
  • Emphasizing the tremendous unmet medical needs in cancer
  • Stimulating our talented researchers to focus on these needs

Cancer Center Membership

HCI Cancer Center members enjoy a variety of benefits, including eligibility for leadership roles in the Center, institutional funding opportunities, and scientific/administrative support.

Research Leadership Council

The Research Leadership Council (RLC) has responsibility for coordination, planning, and oversight of HCI's research portfolio and is accountable for the design and execution of Cancer Center goals. The Council is chaired by the Director and includes representatives from the Director's Cabinet, all Cancer Program Leaders, Staff Investigators, HCI-managed Shared Resource Directors, representation of HCI clinical research operations, and senior administrators. This group participates actively in strategic planning for HCI research initiatives, and directs evaluation of Programs, Shared Resources, and membership.

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News Highlights from our Cancer Center Programs

A Glass-Half-Full Approach to Lung Cancer in the McMahon Lab
Nov 17, 2021

A Glass-Half-Full Approach to Lung Cancer in the McMahon Lab

Martin McMahon, PhD, and his research group study the genetic mutations that contribute to lung cancer. About 30% of lung cancers can now be treated based on the disease’s specific genetics. McMahon is hopeful that each subset of lung cancer will soon have its own precision treatment.... Read More

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Cancer Center Director

Cornelia Ulrich, MS, PhD

HCI Senior Directors

Neeraj Agarwal, MD
Clinical Research Innovation
Donald E. Ayer, PhD
Cancer Training and Career Enhancement
Max Loveless, MBA
Senior Administrative Director
Martin McMahon, PhD
Preclinical Translation
Kolawole S. Okuyemi, MD, MPH
Diversity and Inclusion
Tracy Onega, PhD, MS
Population Sciences
Alana Welm, PhD
Basic Science
Theresa Werner, MD
Clinical Research

Program Leadership


Nuclear Control of Cell Growth and Differentiation

Jay Gertz, PhD
Jared Rutter, PhD


Cell Response and Regulation

Sheri Holmen, PhD


Experimental Therapeutics

Martin McMahon, PhD
Howard Colman, MD, PhD


Cancer Control and Population Sciences

Kathleen Mooney, PhD
Jennifer Doherty, MS, PhD