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Highlights for 2023

2023 Highlights

March 2023
Rebecca Zitnay defends her thesis “Strain and Extracellular Tenascin-C in the Progression of Early Lung Adenocarcinoma to Invasive Disease.”

May 2023
Mary Schaelling receives a Supplement to R01CA255790 to fund her undergraduate research.

Welcome to new lab member: lab specialist Anthony Rojas!

June 2023
Welcome to new lab member: graduate student Chisom Nwoye!

July 2023
Welcome to new lab member: lab technician Jakaria Shawon!

August 2023
Mendoza Lab publishes computational model of lamellipodia protrusion in Molecular Biology of the Cell, a collaboration with Drs. Tamara Bidone in the Department of Biomedical Engineering.  “Nascent adhesions shorten the period of lamellipodium protrusion through the Brownian ratchet mechanism.”