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The Mendoza lab is looking for enthusiastic, hard-working, self-motivated experimental and computational scientists interested in the signaling mechanisms of cancer cell invasion. Our laboratory is part of a greater HCI cell biology neighborhood that utilizes recent advances in imaging technology to probe and understand cancer cell behavior (includes the laboratories of Ben Myers, Rod Stewart, and Katie Ullman. In addition, the collaborative HCI and Comprehensive Cancer Center provide access to experts in pre-clinical cancer models and translational science, a great boon to efforts to understand the mechanisms of cell invasion in vivo.

The Huntsman Cancer Institute, on the University of Utah campus, overlooks the Salt Lake Valley. It is an outdoor enthusiasts paradise, with short commutes to state and national parks, camping, climbing, hiking, mountain biking, fishing, skiing, and more.

Postdoctoral fellows

Please email Michelle Mendoza and include a CV and cover letter describing your research interests. Three letters of reference will be requested.

Graduate students

The lab takes students through the Molecular Biology and Biomedical Engineering programs at the University of Utah.


All open positions are listed through the University of Utah's Human Resources website.

Michelle C. Mendoza, PhD

Principal Investigator


The Mendoza lab has a funded collaborations with the Weiss lab in the Biomedical Engineering department. The collaboration applies computational modeling to understand the mechanics of tumor growth within the lung.