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Appointment and Requirements

A faculty member may hold the rank of Visiting Instructor for up to three years.

If the Visiting Instructor is appointed to a tenure generating rank, the time spent, or yearly portions thereof, may be counted toward the pre-tenure probationary period unless stated otherwise in writing by the candidate or in the Department Chair's Offer Letter.  Refer to U of U PPM 9-2.2.D


Faculty members in this rank have a yearly contract. No advertising or search is required. These are temporary positions with the University renewable at the end of the academic year (up to three years.) Recruitment procedures must be followed if the individual is recommended for appointment as an Instructor or Assistant Professor in any of the other tracks.


This rank may be awarded to individuals who have met the minimal requirements for faculty membership. It is intended for individuals who are completing their training or acquiring essential experience while simultaneously serving a faculty role.

  1. EDUCATION:  A doctoral degree (M.D., Ph.D., or other terminal professional degree) from an accredited institution of higher learning.
  2. IN CLINICAL DEPARTMENTS: completion of the residency training normally required for board certification, or for non-M.D.'s, a minimum of two years of post-doctoral training and/or experience.

A Chief Resident may be appointed to the faculty position of Visiting Instructor.

  • Resident must be board-eligible at the time of appointment,
  • Must have significant teaching responsibilities during the year of appointment.
  • If on housestaff, they must have GME Committee approval for dual faculty/housestaff appointment. 

Reviews of Visiting Faculty Policy (Policy 6-310)