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Professor Research Track Criteria (Pre 2015)


Individuals advanced to the rank of Professor should be recognized nationally and internationally for achievements made in scholarly activities. Promotion to this rank should be based on continuing achievement, but five years in rank as Associate Professor is usually required to reach the necessary levels of excellence in teaching, research, and administration.

Scholarship: The individual: 

  • Should be a leading research investigator in the field with a national or international reputation.
  • Should have high quality research manuscripts published in peer-reviewed journals. Judgement of the quality and importance of the published manuscripts will be based upon statements made by external referees. In evaluating an individual’s scholarly attainments an emphasis will be placed on peer-reviewed, hypothesis-testing manuscripts of a basic or clinical nature.
  • Should provide evidence of continuing research productivity, independence and focus.
  • Should demonstrate a continuing level of external support for research program preferably from external sources (e.g., NIH, NSF).