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-VPCAT Application FAQs-


Is there a document detailing the program components, scholar/ mentor responsibilities and expectations, and participation benefits?

  • Yes. The Overview of Formal Participation in the VPCAT Program document provides an overview of participation in the VPCAT program and the formal agreement all parties adhere to, including guidelines for service obligations, responsibilities, fixed costs, and potential benefits of participation.

Is there a handbook that outlines the program’s purpose, scholar/ mentor requirements, development and resource support, policies, and pre-award and grant management mentorship?



What are the eligibility criteria to apply for the VPCAT Program?

Can I apply for the VPCAT Program if I’m not on the Tenure track?

  • Absolutely! We accept applicants from clinical, research, and tenure tracks.

Approximately how many scholar positions are available each year?

  • The VPCAT Program typically accepts 18-20 new scholars each year.

Can I apply if I am new to the University of Utah? 

  • Yes. As long as you have a faculty position by January of the cohort year, you are eligible to apply. Typically, accepted scholars have been at the University of Utah long enough to establish a strong relationship with their mentor(s). 



Should I include headers/footers (i.e., name, date, title, etc.) in my documents?

  • No.

How is it best to save and submit my application?

What is the page limit for this application?

  • There is a 5-page limit for the Application Narrative. This limit does not include: Cover Letter, Applicant CV, References, Plan for Transition into an Independent Investigator, Mentor(s) Letter of Support, Institutional Letter of Commitment, Mentor(s) Biosketch(es), and Mentor(s) Other Support Form.

The program application mentions a timeline as part of the Career Goals and Objectives section. How would you like this timeline formatted? What information should it outline?

  • This timeline needs to be a graphic representation of what you anticipate your future research plans to be. This can be broken down either quarterly or monthly and should include a plan for when you will complete the following activities:

    • Career Development activities (including those related to VPCAT including Leadership Seminars and curricular sessions)

    • Mentor meetings (including VPCAT mentor meetings which should take place at least quarterly)

    • Manuscript preparation

    • Conference presentations

    • Grant preparation 

Can I see an example of a successful application?

  • Yes. We offer multiple examples of funded prior year VPCAT applications and summary statements on the How to Apply website. In addition, we highly encourage applicants to attend the VPCAT Application Workshop in early September in order to ask questions and gain insights into what reviewers are looking for.

  • Any questions regarding the application or its formatting can be e-mailed directly to Erin Wachs.  



When does the application become available?

  • The application will become available on Competition Space the first week of June.

When is the application due?

  • Applications are due no later than 5:00 pm, on the last Friday of September.

  • You will need to submit these applications via Competition Space.



When will I receive notification of my acceptance?

  • The review process will take place throughout the month of October.

  • It is anticipated that notifications will be sent no later than early November.

If I am not accepted this year, can I apply again next year?

  • Yes, absolutely! We strongly encourage applicants who were not accepted to apply again the following year.

  • We encourage applicants to review their summary statements and make an appointment to speak with the VPCAT Director regarding their application feedback.
  • To make an appointment, you can e-mail Erin Wachs.

Will I receive copies of the feedback from the reviewers?

  • Summary Statements will be sent along with the notification.

Will I be able to find out who my reviewers were?

  • No. Summary Statements are anonymized.

How are VPCAT Scholars chosen?

  • A minimum of three reviewers will review each application and will score based on strengths and weaknesses in each of the main areas outlined in the Application Review Criteria.

VPCAT Research Manager

Erin Wachs