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What is the VPCAT Program?

  • The VPCAT Program is a two-year program designed to provide leadership competencies and intensive mentorship, research knowledge, and practical skills required to become an effective independent clinical or translational researcher.

  • The Overview of Formal Participation in the VPCAT Program details program participation and the formal agreement that all parties adhere, including guidelines for service obligations, responsibilities, fixed costs, and potential benefits of participation.

  • The VPCAT Scholar Handbook outlines the program’s purpose, scholar/ mentor requirements, development and resource support, policies, and pre-award and grant management mentorship.

  • As outlined in the VPCAT Scholar Handbook, the program provides:

    • Curriculum held on the second and fourth Wednesday afternoons of each month, ten months of every year (scholars are required to attend a minimum of 80% of these half-day sessions). Our objective is to provide you a cohesive learning experience that will expand your skills and understanding in order to better prepare you for your transition to independence. To accomplish our objective, courses have been designed to ensure you receive coherent, integrated material that enhances your personal and professional development. Courses are structured in multiple formats, including didactic; practical, hands-on; example-based; and facilitated open discussion formats. Further, our curriculum has been structured to offer you a wide variety of knowledge and training aligned with our three key mission themes:

      • Scientific Career Development

      • Grant Writing and Management

      • Leadership

    • Financial support is provided for: methodological and data analytic support; career, leadership, and research developmental opportunities; data service fee (on a case-by-case basis); the Department of Pediatrics hosted Grant Writing Workshop; and more (see the VPCAT Scholar Handbook for details).

    • Personalized pre-award and grant management mentorship in conjunction with departmental Pre- and Post-Award Administrators.

What are the expectations for scholars who participate in this program?

When does the VPCAT Program start/finish?

  • The VPCAT Program runs from January 1 to December 31 of the following year.

What and when is VPCAT Orientation?

  • VPCAT Orientation is a one-and-a-half-day event that includes the required orientation, as well as the annual graduating capstone ceremony.

  • It is generally held on the second Monday and Tuesday morning of December.

For further questions, please contact Erin Wachs.

VPCAT Research Manager

Erin Wachs