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You will be contacted by Rebecca Wilson or Allie Groves in the Academy of Health Science Educators when a request for dissemination peer coaching matches your areas of expertise. When you accept this role, we will provide the author’s contact information and any work submitted so that you can initiate contact with the author.

Your role in assisting authors includes:

  • Help authors explore their long term interest in the dissemination of their scholarship and help them find appropriate publishing guidelines to use in preparing their dissemination in the JAHSE
  • Coach authors, as needed, in using the guidelines to produce a dissemination which will meet the JAHSE acceptance standards.
  • Encourage authors to complete and submit their first dissemination to JAHSE (dependent on their target journal’s rules regarding pre-prints) and then to an appropriate venue in their field, using feedback obtained from readers of the JAHSE version


Contact Us

Allie Groves
Program Coordinator