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The goal of the JAHSE is to promote faculty skills needed for effective dissemination of educational scholarship. To support this goal, the JAHSE has an open acceptance policy which invites all types of disseminations of education scholarship (e.g. traditional reports of research, opinion pieces, descriptions of innovations, reviews of prior work, curriculum materials, assessments of knowledge, presentations, educational videos, etc.)

To be pre-printed, the dissemination must meet the Journal’s standard of quality as determined by the JAHSE editorial board.

  • Be original work not previously published
  • Contain content directly relevant to health sciences education and add to the field’s literature
  • Be free from typographical and grammatical errors
  • Conform to general publishing guidelines for the type of dissemination, as found in instructions for authors used by a journal in which the dissemination could eventually be published

Option 1: If you have work that is ready for consideration by the JAHSE Editorial Board, complete this form, and attach your work. As part of  your submission, please include a link to the Information for Authors page of your target journal or other relevant review criteria. If you are unsure, leave a comment and a member of the editorial board will contact you. If you are submitting a large file, please contact Allie Groves ( for an alternative submission method.

Option 2: If you have an idea or an education innovation project that you haven’t prepared for dissemination and would like some assistance, the Academy of Health Science Educators would like to help. We offer a dissemination peer coaching process designed to help you, the author, prepare your dissemination so that it meet’s the Journal’s quality standards. Peer coaches are Fellows in the Academy of Health Science Educators with experience in dissemination of education scholarship. Unlike traditional blinded peer review, in this program you as the author and a coach work together in the process of improving your dissemination. To request a dissemination peer coach, please submit this form.


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Allie Groves
Program Coordinator