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CMCR Funding Opportunities

2023 Center for Medical Cannabis Research Pilot Awards

As part of the launch of the University of Utah Center for Medical Cannabis Research (CMCR), the center will support two to three pilot awards up to $50,000. The mission of the CMCR is to lead methodologically sound research evaluating the safety and efficacy of cannabis and cannabis products used with therapeutic intent. Preliminary applications are due via for submission by January 12, 2024. Please refer to the information listed below, on the InfoReady page, or on the downloadable RFA

Eligible Applicants
• Only one research proposal per principal investigator (PI) will be reviewed.
• All PIs must be tenure or career-track clinical or research faculty. 
• Any Utah-based research institution may apply.
• PIs must be affiliated faculty of the CMCR. If you are not already affiliated faculty, you may join by contacting

Research Scope
We invite applications that build upon the mission of the CMCR as stated above and support the preliminary data and research collaborations required for developing subsequent competitive grant applications and/or commercialization opportunities.
Areas of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • Clinical, public health, medical cannabis program related, and impact of medical cannabis research and discoveries.
  • Development of innovative approaches to addressing medical cannabis’ therapeutic risks and/or benefits.
  • Exploring the analgesic properties of cannabinoids and its constituents.
  • Contraindications, drug-drug interactions, adverse effects, risk of cannabis use disorder, or driving impairment related to medical cannabis.
  • Research related to the potential health effects of various cannabis delivery methods, including vaporizing, ingesting, topical application, and combustion
  • Promote translational understanding of medical cannabis.
  • Investigating the whole or parts of the Cannabis sativa plant, cannabis extracts or enriched extracts, cannabinoid compounds extracted and derived from cannabis extracts, non-cannabinoid constituents of cannabis, synthetic cannabinoids, and the components of the endocannabinoid system (the signaling pathways in the body activated by cannabinoids).
  • Novel cultivation, synthesis, and production techniques or frameworks to support research, regulation, and standardization.
  • Addressing social, healthcare systems, policy and economic aspects related to medical cannabis access, use and regulations.