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Center for Medical Cannabis Research


The mission of the Center for Medical Cannabis Research (CMCR) is to promote methodologically sound research evaluating the safety and efficacy of cannabis and cannabis products used with therapeutic intent. 


First initiated on November 6, 2018, Utah citizens were given access to the therapeutic use of cannabis. Over the three-year progression of the Utah Medical Cannabis Program, Utah State Legislation identified the need for a deeper understanding of the public impact of cannabis and its therapeutic use. 

In response to this need, the Utah State Legislature approved House Bill 230. On July 1, 2023, the University of Utah established the Center for Medical Cannabis Research (CMCR) to create invaluable research opportunities to support the efficacious application of cannabis in our state. 


By cultivating research opportunities for experts within the University of Utah faculty and other academic and research institutions, external partners, and community stakeholders, we aim to foster a research-based approach that impacts public health and educates stakeholders on the therapeutic benefits and safe use of cannabis and cannabis products. 

Goals & Key Activities

  • The CMCR will lead the advancement of cannabis research through funding grants and sponsored collaborative projects, creating a community of multidisciplinary faculty focused on generating translational understanding of the impact of cannabis on public health. 
  • The CMCR will inform the statewide application of cannabis research by providing continued support and understanding of current and future cannabis research literature, clinical studies, and clinical trials.
  • The CMCR will build a comprehensive educational platform uniting patient, provider and policymaker's knowledge surrounding cannabis as a tool for therapeutic use. 

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