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Bridging Education and Practice with HS LEAP

HS LEAP student scan tofu


Health Sciences Learning, Engagement, Achievement, and Progress (LEAP) recently held a highly successful mentor/mentee event with an impressive turnout of over 30 participants. This event brought together esteemed mentors from the Spencer Fox Eccles School of Medicine Class of 2026 and second-year Health Sciences (HS) LEAP mentees for an engaging session focused on practical skills such as suturing and ultrasounds.

Reflecting on the event, a dedicated HS LEAP mentor articulated, “I think learning some hands-on skills in medicine is a fun aspect of education that can be inspiring and serve as a reminder that medicine goes beyond the classroom focus of early education. Interacting with mentors that are still within the education system too provides a more relatable experience for mentees, which could be really valuable, more so than an established physician.”

Another mentor shared, “In addition to being a LEAP Mentor, one of my relevant engagements is being a Big Sib for an MS1 as I really enjoy mentorship and being able to guide others in navigating their paths. This benefits my mentee in terms of how we interact and the openness of our communication. Another relevant engagement would be my clinical research, so this helps me connect my mentee, who is interested in getting involved in research, with other people, mentors, [and] potential PIs (Principal Investigators).”

The mentees also articulated their perspectives on the mentorship experience. One mentee expressed, “I view [these events] as significant because it can help prepare us for our future careers and open our eyes to things we might have to do to get into the programs we want.”

Guillermo Cuevas

Mar 28, 2024 8:47 AM