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Primary Care Summit tackles issues of health equity

The 8th Annual Primary Care Summit, organized by the Utah Area Health Education Centers (AHEC), took place on Friday, October 13, 2023. This year’s summit took place at the Cultural Celebration Center in West Valley City and was dedicated to advancing primary care and enhancing healthcare access.

Maria Hinojosa speaking into a microphone for her keynote at the Utah Primary Care Summit
Maria Hinojosa at the Utah Primary Care Summit

The highlight of the summit was the presence of acclaimed journalist and author Maria Hinojosa as the keynote speaker. With a rich background in journalism, storytelling, and advocating for diverse voices in media, Hinojosa's involvement is a testament to the event's commitment to inclusivity and the promotion of underrepresented perspectives.

The summit is renowned as a premier gathering for healthcare professionals, policymakers, and experts from across Utah. It serves as a platform for discussing and exploring innovative solutions to improve primary care and healthcare delivery. The 2023 agenda featured a wide range of topics and discussions, including:

  • Keynote Address by Maria Hinojosa: Offering valuable insights and experiences from a prominent journalist and diversity advocate in media.
  • Primary Care Innovations: Discussing cutting-edge advancements in primary care, such as telehealth, healthcare technology, and patient-centered approaches.
  • Health Equity and Access: Addressing critical issues surrounding healthcare disparities and improved access to quality primary care services.
  • Mental Health in Primary Care: Emphasizing the integration of mental health services into primary care to support holistic patient well-being.
  • Primary Care Workforce Development: Exploring strategies for recruiting, training, and retaining primary care professionals.
  • Patient-Centered LGTBQAI* Care Models: Enhancing the patient experience by delving into patient-focused care models.
  • Community Partnerships: Highlighting the significance of collaboration between healthcare organizations and local communities.
  • Primary Care Policy and Advocacy: Analyzing regional and national policy initiatives to advocate for improved primary care.

Tatiana Allen-Webb, associate director of Utah AHEC, expressed excitement about Maria Hinojosa's participation, emphasizing Hinojosa’s dedication to diverse perspectives and profound understanding of healthcare challenges align perfectly with the summit's mission. 

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About Utah AHEC: Utah Area Health Education Centers (AHEC) is dedicated to improving the distribution, diversity, and quality of healthcare professionals, particularly in underserved communities. Their mission focuses on strengthening primary care and enhancing healthcare access through education, training, and outreach.

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