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Future women healthcare professionals laud LEAP program

WiHMS and Health Sciences LEAP flash the U with their hands


On September 13th, Women in Health, Medicine, and Science (WiHMS), along with University Health Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (UHEDI), hosted close to 30 Health Sciences LEAP (Learning, Education, Assessment, and Performance) undergraduate students for an evening of learning and networking. During this event, students had the opportunity to hear from faculty and staff from the Utah Physician Assistant Program and the Spencer Fox Eccles School of Medicine who shared information about many of the career paths an MD and MPAS can lead to, demystified the admissions process, and discussed the importance of growing and sustaining a diverse healthcare workforce.

Additionally, students had the opportunity to network with physician assistants, physicians, and dentists representing an array of specialties. The quotes from three of the attendees highlights the significance and importance of this event:

“The WiHMS event was very inspiring to me because there was a strong emphasis on diversity in healthcare and trying to address health inequalities and social determinants that affect our healthcare system and opportunities of different communities. I would encourage everyone to attend an event like this.”
Madelynn N. third-year Health Sciences LEAP
“This event reminded me exactly why I want to go into the medical field! All the advisors were excellent resources to answer all the questions I personally was worrying over for PA School! I’m very appreciative!”
Jamyleth U. second-year Health Sciences LEAP
“Working for an academic institution as well as being a physician gives you opportunities that you would not get if you were in private practice. I can see myself shadowing some of the doctors I met at this event.”
Aidan H. second-year Health Sciences LEAP

Health Sciences LEAP—a partnership between the LEAP program and University of Utah Health Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion—is a three-year program that intentionally supports historically marginalized students in their development as future healthcare professionals. WiHMS seeks to promote “faculty development, mentoring, and advocacy of women faculty” at all stages of their careers and is also invested in the educational journeys of future healthcare professionals.

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Erica Rojas, MPA

Oct 07, 2023 10:12 AM