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Nearing graduation, U of U grad student reflects on significance of perseverance

University of Utah Ph.D. Candidate Tanya Espino-Sanchez is less than a year away from completing her graduate degree in the Department of Biochemistry in the School of Medicine. In this featured "Sparks of Change" column, which appeared in the eLife magazine, she takes a moment to reflect on her years of graduate study and the many challenges she faced as a 1st generation grad student and the child of immigrants. She acknowledges her own desire to "honor the sacrifices [my] family made … while dealing with many of the same challenges [they faced]," including the sense of isolation and exclusion. As she nears the completion of her own doctoral degree, she says the hardships she overcame and the family and extended community that supported her throughout her journey have taken on a deeper meaning. "I will be graduating in a couple months," she writes triumphantly, "and I can’t wait to share this moment with my village."

Visit eLife magazine's website to read Espino-Sanchez’s article.