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Health Executive Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Certificate (HEDIC) Program

The recent Health Executive Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Certificate (HEDIC) program was a rare opportunity for many people working in the equity, diversity, and inclusion space at U of U Health to come together for an extended period to learn, collaborate, and strategize. The program discussed ways of organizing and implementing equity, diversity, and inclusion initiatives and strategies within healthcare institutions and communities.

For me, the best part was discovering the amazing work that is taking place on healthcare campuses across the country. Being able to spend time with colleagues and hear about their successes, best practices and struggles helped me to gain insight into ways that we can continue to improve our equity, diversity, and inclusion efforts here. It also gave me a chance to connect with the work that is being done in my own backyard so that we can break down silos and utilize previously unknown resources.

This opportunity will be beneficial for U of U Health in two ways. First, those who are leading the EDI efforts at U of U Health will have the necessary tools to be most effective and create more organized, predictable, and effective outcomes. Second, the fact that U of U Health sent such a large cohort to HEDIC (the U of U Health contingency made up nearly half of those participating) sends a very strong message to national equity, diversity, and inclusion leaders that University of Utah Health is committed to a focused engagement in this work across our campus. I am very happy to have had the opportunity to participate, and I know that the things I learned will help me to be more effective in my efforts.

University of Utah Health Participants

  • Bart Watts, School of Dentistry
  • Julie Lucero, College of Health
  • Paloma Cariello, School of Medicine 
  • Valerie Flattes, College of Nursing
  • Michelle Debbink, School of Medicine
  • José E Rodríguez; Health Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion
  • Natasha Ovuoba, Huntsman Cancer Institute

Bart Watts, DDS

Sep 14, 2022 8:36 AM