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Pacific Islander Research Internship Program

The Pacific Islander Research Internship Program (PIRIP)

The Pacific Islander Research Internship Program (PIRIP) is designed to encourage and enable research and career development opportunities for Pacific Islanders in order to train future members of Utah’s scientific & medical community. Selected applicants will be paired with scientific mentors for a 10-week summer research internship. PIRIP fellows will attend weekly seminars in order to: 1) increase exposure to the breadth of Utah’s research community; 2) enhance career development and networking opportunities and; 3) enhance the trainees skills in scientific communication. Download a program flyer and share with any interested parties. 

If you are interested in this opportunity, or if you are already involved in a research project, please reach out to Will Holland ( or Kalani Raphael ( 

We are initiating a paid research internship program that will provide research opportunities, clinical shadowing experience, career development opportunities, and community outreach involvement. 

To apply, please submit applications which include:

  1. A brief (1/2 page) statement of interest describing you, your career aspirations, and what you would hope to learn from a summer research activity
  2. A resume, curriculum vitae, or biosketch describing any past training and any relevant scientific coursework,
  3. 2 letters of recommendation can be sent by the application or straight to Will Holland ( by teacher or mentor outside of school who knows you well.