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Call for Student Participants: Sign up to participate in the RISE-UP study for Amazon gift cards

a group of freshmen in matching t-shirts take a selfie on the Rice-Eccles Stadium football field


Students at the University of Utah are being encouraged to increase their understanding of how to protect themselves from skin cancer and achieve better health. Organizers of RISE-UP, a clinical research trial developed to show students how to prevent melanoma, are offering young adults an opportunity to learn more about the risks of the disease. According to the National Institute of Health and the National Cancer Institute, “this clinical trial compares the effectiveness of different combinations of skin-cancer risk and prevention education provided to undergraduate college students. Although skin cancer usually affects people later in life, it is becoming increasingly common in young adults.”

The goal of the RISE-UP study is to raise skin cancer awareness among college students. Prospective research participants are asked to complete an online survey to see if they are eligible for the study.

As part of the study, research subjects will be asked to:

  • Attend an in-person study visit on the U of U campus at the LNCO building during the beginning of the spring semester (~60 minutes)
  • Attend one study visit via Zoom (~60 minutes)
  • Complete three assessments that are remote (electronic questionnaires) over the next year.

Qualifying participants will be compensated for each visit and assessment through Amazon gift cards.

For more information, text, call, or email the study team with any questions at 801-769-6624 or