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Join the Seventh Annual Primary Care Summit

October 14, the Utah Area Health Education Centers (AHEC), led by Dr Ivette López, will be hosting the Seventh Annual Primary Care Summit. This event brings leaders together from across the state of Utah and the nation to address the specific primary care workforce needs for Utah. While most people think of primary care as a medical specialty—i.e. Family Medicine, General Internal Medicine, etc.—it is much broader than that. Every primary care health provider has a team of health care workers that make it possible for individual providers to work. This part of the healthcare workforce is underappreciated, and often goes un-noticed in discussions of health equity and workforce needs. Utah AHEC, through its multiple programs is addressing these needs and working to secure health equity for all Utahns. Utah AHEC strives to make decisions and policies based firmly in the principles of equity, diversity and inclusion, and has long been a champion in this work.

This year, we have invited Ben Crump, ESQ to give the keynote address. Mr. Crump is a nationally renowned speaker and civil rights leader and has worked to fight for justice for many Black Americans, including the families of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and George Floyd. His success in his legal career has earned him the nickname, “Black America’s Attorney General.” He will address this group on the intersection of social justice and health, from his experience in law and in civil rights.

We invite all who are interested in achieving health equity to attend this important event. More information can be found here. We hope you can join us for this historic event.