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Leadership and Career Development Seminar

The leadership and Career Development Seminar (LCDS) is designed to support the develop needs of faculty throughout the stages of their career. The program is divided into three seminars matching the career and leadership development needs of the three career phases. The LCDS programs are meant to be complementary to three professional coaching programs, which are also aligned with three career stages.

Leadership and Career Development Seminar Part 1 (LCDS1): Managing Self 

For faculty who are new to the LCDS program, they should register first for LCDS1. The program provides the foundational framework for leading and managing oneself and one’s career. Topics in the program include: time management, negotiation, goal setting and understanding personal values. Included in the program are two assessments: Myers-Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI) and Thomas-Killmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI).

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Leadership and Career Development Seminar Part 2 (LCDS2): Managing Teams 

For faculty who have completed LCDS1, they are eligible to register for LCDS2, which focuses on managing others and teams. The program provides foundational frameworks for managing teams and influencing others. Topics in the program include: vision and planning, communication, process improvement, and value delivery.

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Leadership and Career Development Seminar Part 3 (LCDS3): Managing Change & Organizations

For senior faculty leaders, the LCDS3 program will provide training and support on the topics of managing change and larger organizations. The LCDS3 program will be targeted towards specific leadership groups (e.g. division chiefs, department chairs, and deans) or by specific leadership topics (e.g. strategic planning, recruitment and retention, finance and resource management).

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Women's Leadership Day

Save the Dates: Thursday , January 19th, 2023 and Thursday June, 1, 2023. Additionally, a monthly seminar based on the Women's Leadership day is being held the first Thursday of each month. 

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Jacqueline Bao Trang Nguyen

Administrative Assistant, Academic Affairs