Gretchen Case, PhD, MA, Director of CHeEtAH with Jay Jacobson, MD (emeritus), First Chief and Founder of Division of Medical Ethics and Humanities
Rafael Campo, MA, MD, DLitt (hon)—1st Annual Health Humanities Speaker (2018-19) with Susan Sample, PhD, MFA,  Director, Initiative in Narrative, Medicine, and Writing

Center for Health Ethics, Arts, and Humanities

The Center for Health Ethics, Arts, and Humanities (CheEtAH) is housed in the Office of the Senior Vice President for Health Sciences Education Unit at the University of Utah. Our mission is to prepare health care professionals to provide respectful, humane patient care, to address current ethical problems in health care through research and discussion and to engage with providers, patients, and families to resolve their ethical conflicts.  We use relevant medicine, law, moral reasoning, literature, drama, and art to inform health care professionals about ethical issues and prepare them to empathize and communicate compassionately.

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Jul 08, 2021

CHeEtAH Puts Health Care in a New Context


Ethics, arts and humanities might not be the first three words that come to mind when discussing health care, but the intersection of those three are crucial to practicing medicine. “Health care is ultimately humans giving care to humans,” said Gretchen Case, Ph.D. “Giving the best and most appropriate care requires understanding many human experiences and contexts, which is what ethics, arts and humanities do best.”... Read More

Jul 01, 2021

University of Utah Health Announces Launch of New Center for Health Ethics, Arts, and Humanities (CHeEtAH)


University of Utah Health and the University of Utah announce the establishment of the Center for Health Ethics, Arts, and Humanities (CHeEtAH). The new center marks an exciting expansion of a 30-year-old program in medical ethics and humanities in the U of U School of Medicine. The creation of CHeEtAH demonstrates the need for ethics, arts, and humanities scholarship related to health care has grown in the past decades, particularly during the ongoing pandemic and calls for greater health equity.... Read More

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Voices of Teenage Transplant Survivors: Miracle-Like by Susan J. Sample (March 2021)

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