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Dewey CM, Friedland JA, Richards BF, Lamki N, Kirkland RT. The emergence of academies of educational excellence: a survey of US medical schoolsAcad Med. 2005 Apr; 80(4):358-65.
Download Emergence of Academies article

Gruppen, Larry D. PhD; Durning, Steven J. MD, PhD. Needles and Haystacks: Finding Funding for Medical Education Research.

Irby DM, Cooke M, Lowenstein D, Richards B. The Academy Movement: A Structural Approach to Reinvigorating the Educational MissionAcad Med. 2004 Aug; 79(8):729-36.
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Irby DM, Hodgson CS, Muller JH. Promoting research in medical education at the University of California, San Francisco, School of MedicineAcad Med. 2004 Oct; 79(10):981-4.
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Searle NS, Thompson BM, Friedland JA, Lomax JW, Drutz JE, Coburn M, Nelson EA. The prevalence and practice of academies of medical educators: a survey of U.S. medical schoolsAcad Med. 2010 Jan; 85(1):48-56. 
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